A floral hand tufted carpet at an interior design salon
A hand tufted area rug with butterfly wing motif
A shaped hand tufted wall carpet with a beautiful gold fish
Hand tufted wall carpets at an exhibition
A colorful head shaped hand tufted wall carpet
A colorful hand tufted wall carpet featuring butterfly wings
A colorful hand tufted wall carpet with a womans portrait
A quality hand tufted area rug made of wool from New Zealand for an interior design salon
Quality hand tufted area rugs for an office space
Guality hand tufted carpet made of Tencel yarn
Wall-to-wall carpets at a hotel suite
Hand tufted area rug for a spa
Hand tufted carpet ROSSIGNOL from Viscose
Hand tufted rug from Viscose
Hand tufted rug ELVIRA from Tencel Viscose
Hand tufted rug AADA from wool and linen
Hand tufted area rug for a bedroom
Hand tufted wool carpet for a reading corner at a library
Hand tufted wool carpet with geometric pattern Prisma
Hand tufted wool carpet Murano with geometric pattern
Hand tufted Carpet "With Love" inspired by Estoninan traditional motifs
Do More Of What Makes You Happy! Colorful hand tufted inspirational wall carpet
Heleri Alexandra Sits Hand Tufted Carpets
Hand tufted and sculpted white New Zealand wool carpet with roses
Wall-to-wall carpets at a hotel suite inspired by scenic view from the window
Hand tufted Carpet for bedroom
Detail from hand tufted wall carpet Charles
Colorful Hand tufted 3D carpet with carving named Once Upon a Dream

I´m Heleri Alexandra Sits,
a freelance Textile Artist and Designer from Estonia

Custom Rugs and Carpets

I am interested in different design disciplines, but hand tufted rugs and carpets are what I love.
Ten years of working as an in-house designer for one of the leading hand tufted carpet manufacturer in Europe taught me a lot. Being a part of international carpet industry has given me many opportunities for exhibiting my work as a designer and gain international recognition.

“I design rugs and carpets to meet my clients needs and exceed their expectations.”

Today it is possible to find my designs on the floors of numerous hotels and private residences all over the world. As well as in the collections of many contemporary rug studios.

Pattern Design

As a textile designer I take pride in perfectly executed creative patterns. I´m a specialist in pattern design for interior textiles as well as for clothing fabrics. I provide my clients with inspiring and unique final products that fit the market perfectly.

Feel free to contact me!